The Burger Combo

Build the burger combo. Select your burger, fries, and a drink. $9.70


The Karma Burger

Our version of the American Cheeseburger 100% Sirloin Steak Haché minced instore, handmade patty to order, American cheese, leaf lettuce, roma tomato, thin sliced red onions, Karma Sauce on our tasty bun No 19. $5.95


The Habanero Burger

Spicy! 4 chile escalivada, garlic mayo, lettuce and tomato topped with queso fresco on bun No 19 $6.95



The Chunky Fries

A large portion of our fries, served with your choice of sauce. $3.50


The Ultimate Fish Taco

Whole wild caught Mahi Mahi steak, grilled and served atop cabbage with baja sauce, topped with Mick's Pico de Gallo, fresh onions & cilantro. $8.95


Meagans Greek Wrap  

Fresh grilled chicken breast with romaine, tomato & jalapeno & cilantro hummus of the day, topped with red onions, feta & cilantro Mrs. Micks Special Wrap, available also veggie please type in Notes! $8.95



The Baja

Guacamole and sour cream, pepperjack cheese, topped with pico de gallo and lettuce, bun No 19 $6.95


The Mediterranean

Lettuce and tomato, roasted peppers, basil, hummus topped with feta cheese on our tasty bun No 19 $7.50


Karma Swiss Onion Style

Caramelized onions, Gruyere Cheese, with lettuce, tomato mayo, ground mustard on Bun No 19 $7.95



Mojito Iced Tea

Fresh Lime juice mashed with fresh mint leaves and brown sugar, topped with our blood orange sencha green tea. $3.25 


Fresh Lemonade

Our homemade fresh lemonade made instore daily. $2.95


Iced Tea

Our homemade fresh lemonade made instore daily. $2.50