Micks Karma Bar is Burger Heaven in Hell.

“No restaurant in Orange County deserves an upgrade in location more than Mick's Karma Bar. From this former juice stand come some of the best burgers in Orange County, squat wonders with the bun crispy, the sirloin patty ground to order (and thus gushing juices), with the tomato cooling and lettuce crispy—and any other ingredients complementing those essentials.”

OC Weekly


Mick’s Karma Bar in Irvine―and Soon, Beyond

“I love it when the experience lives up to the reputation. Fresh sirloin ground fresh several times per day, hand-formed patties, buns custom-made by Solomon’s Bakery in Laguna Hills, and an array of house-made condiments and choice of cheeses all add up to one remarkable burger.”

Orange Coast Magazine



Only In Irvine: Mick's Karma Bar

"Good Karma comes from hard work and perseverance. Sometimes it comes as a surprise. Good Karma can also come in the form of an awesome burger; Honestly made and deliciously unexpected. "

Destination Irvine


Best Cheeseburgers in Orange County

“The Karma Burger is a crowd favorite with a 100% Sirloin Steak Burger, American Cheese, lettuce, roma tomato and Karma Sauce. Made to order and flame grilled, the patties are one of the specialties of the cheeseburger at Mick’s."

CBS los angeles